Choreography and Performance

2013  Awkward Altars chor. Cat Ruka, Auck Fringe Festival
            Violent Babies improv collab. w/Julia Milsom, Palette Pavilion, Chch
2012   Archipelago seed collab. w/ Auck Phil Orchestra & Touch Compass
           Shameless Crowd Pleaser Presents Vitamin S Festival, Auck.
            Duel Cage collab. Duet w/Josh Rutter, Vitamin S Festival, Auckland
            So You Think You Can Idolise My X-Factor collab. W/Josh Rutter, Old Folks Hall, Auckland
            As if Something was Actually Happening Shameless Crowd Pleaser, Audio Foundation, Auckland
           (An Ironic Dream of)  A Common Language chor. For Footnote, perf Wgtn and Auckland
            Dance Like a Butterfly Dream Boy chor. Josh Rutter, New Performance Fest. The Edge, & The   Living Room, Aotea Square
2011 Do You Still Think of Me w/Maria Dabrowska, Paramount Theatre, Wgtn Fringe
          NEST w/Shameless Crowd Pleaser, Auck Fringe Fest, Silo Theatre 
          The Show Must Go On chor. Jerome Bel (Fr), Auckland Int. Arts Festival, Mercury Theatre
          Stand Your Ground w/Julia Milsom and Rick Harvie, Christchurch
          Video Life w/Ko Nakajima, Kentaro Taki (Japan), Phil Dadson, Auckland Int. Arts Festival,   AUT
          I am Joe's Body for A Return to Service,  theatre466, Kingsland
2010 Buoy Racer Commissioned choreography for Footnote Dance Company
         Body English Development phase for a new choreography on Touch Compass
          Forgive / Forget Solo Performer in Nameless Sons music video
          Alumbra Tides Performer, music video, directed by Sam Hamilton
2009 An Improvisational Performance Using Improvisational Performance to Examine Improvisational Performance Solo show at Kenneth Myers Centre, Auckland
           Vitamin S Improvisational performance feat. Phil Dadson, Pecha Kucha evening, Galatos, Auckland
           Re/set Choreography and performance collaboration with Geordan Wilcox, Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland
           ADZE Choreography for solo dancer commissioned by Footnote Dance Company
           One Solo performance as part of an installation for Heritage Week, curated by Sean Curham
            Sleep Wake Performed and collaborated, AK09 International Arts Festival, director Sam Trubridge
            Self Portrait Solo performance, Dunedin Fringe Festival, Allen Hall, Dunedin
            The Moons Insane and Other Stories Performance, Auckland Fringe Festival
            Violent Babies Improvised duet w/ Julia Milsom, Auckland Fringe Festival
2008 You Are Not Alone, You Are Just in New Zealand Performed improvised solo, Dancehouse, Melbourne
           The Self Explanatory Human Improvised solo as part of Dance Speak, Dunedin Fringe Festival
           The Self Explanatory Human Improvised solo as part of Mau Forum: School of Turbulence 2
           The Settlement Performed for choreographer Hans Van Den Broeck (Belg), The Print Factory, Wellington
           Tracer Choreography for two dancers, post grad research project, Kenneth Myers Centre
2007 Departures Choreography for graduating dance students from UNITEC
2006 Open End Closure Improvised solo for Best of Late Nite Choreographers, Maidment Studio, Auckland
           A Lack of Forsythe Improvised solo for Late Nite Choreographers, St Marks Church, Auckland
           Throw Disposable Choreography Improvised solo for The Collection, Auckland
           Beautiful City Improvisational multi media collaboration with four dancers, Interdigitate, Dunedin Fringe, and Tempo Dance Festival
           You Are Not Alone, You Are Just in New Zealand Solo improvisation as part of Fluid, Waikato University.
          The Arsehole Choreographic collaboration for a theatre work, directed by Stephen Bain, Auckland
          Untitled Directed Touch Compass for ensemble performance improvisation, Tempo Dance Festival
          Dark Tourists Co – led workshop with writer Emma Willis for choreographer Malia Johnston
          The Nature of Wishing Contributed material for choreographer Alyx Duncan
2005 An Aversion to Light 2 Solo performer in self produced film, co-directed with Norman Skipp
          Also Improvised duet with Claire O’Neill, Centrum Jette, Brussels
          10 Years in a Blink Guest performer with Magpie Dance Music Company, Amsterdam
          THROW Improvised solo performance, and duet with Sarah Foster, OT301, Amsterdam
          No Such Place performed for choreographer Lisa Densem (Berlin), Te Whaea, Wellington
2004 Certainty Directed and performed in improvised ensemble, STAB commission, BATS, Wellington
          Titlipur Collaborative performance with composer Miriama Young (NYC), Arc, Wellington
          Untitled Improvisational ensemble performance w/ Magpie Dance Music (NDL), TAPAC, Auckland
          Libella Fa Improvisational ensemble performance, BATS, Wellington
          Loudhailer Solo performer in a music video directed by Stephen Bain
2003 An Aversion to Light Choreography commissioned by Touch Compass for Acquisitions, Maidment, Auckland
          Radio Directed and performed multi-media improvisational ensemble, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington
          Kristian and Sacha Do a Dance Improvised duet w/Sacha Steenks (NL), WPAC. Wellington
          The Space Between Two Hands Improvised collaboration w/ Norman Skipp, Scratch n Sniff, Auckland
           Sima Ex Machina Performed with contemporary music ensemble, The Space, Wellington
2002 Antler Choreography for dance graduates, WPAC, Wellington
           Flutter Improvised solo, Te Whaea, Wellington
           Bus Politik Choreography for Streamline Dance Company, North Island Tour
           Sample Choreography for dance graduates, WPAC, Wellington
           The Mandelbrot Set Improvisation ensemble w / Lynn Pringle, Wellington Jazz Festival, Wellington
2001 Thanks for Asking Solo improvisation for Edit, BATS, Wellington
           W.I.P. Performed with Raewyn Hill, WPAC, Wellington
           The Monarch Room Directed, collaborated and performed, BATS, Wellington
           Meatworks Performed in collaboration with contemporary music ensemble, The Space, Wellington
            George Choreography for graduating dance students, WPAC, Wellington
            Mildred Choreography for graduating dance students, WPAC, Wellington
            How to Defend Yourself Solo improvisation, Tertiary Dance Festival, Waikato University
2000 Clearwater Delirium Choreographed and performed as part of Jaunt, BATS, Wellington
           Duet Improvised duet with Guy Ryan for Red Shift, BATS theatre, Wellington
           Continuous Incomplete Performance choreographed by Min Tanaka (JA), Wintergardens, Auckland
           Soundings Performance choreographed by Daniel Belton, Otago Arts Festival, & Wellington State Opera House
           Bone Flute Performance choreographed by Lemi Ponifasio, Wellington State Opera House
           Stickmen Extra, directed by Hamish Rothwell
           Lord of the Rings Extra, directed by Peter Jackson
           Savage Thoughts Performer in King Kapisi music video
1999 Freak Solo, choreographed and performed as part of Tripped, BATS,Welington
           Camouflage Ensemble choreographed as part of Tripped, BATS Wellington
           Cell Ensemble choreography for graduating dance students, WPAC, Wellington
           I Draw the Line Solo improvisation performed as part of The Auction, BATS theatre, Wellington
           Strum Solo improvisation performed as part of More Stuff, Te Whaea, Wellington
           Fuck I’ve Got a Long Neck Solo improvisation performed as part of A Cluster of Solo’s, Te Whaea, Wellington
           Elvis Was a Coconut Choreographic consultant for theatre production directed by Damon Andrews, Wellington
           Sylvie Knows Choreographic consultant for theatre production directed and performed by Miranda Minasiadis
           Bleach Performed in a theatre production directed by Paul Pinson (Scotland), and Andrew Foster
           Mousella Performed in pantomime directed by Sue Weston (UK), Soundshell, Wellington
           Manon Extra with the Australian Ballet, The Edge, Auckland
           Losing Sleep Performer for choreographer Lisa Densem, film directed by Neil Pardington
           WINZ Speaking part in television ad for Work and Income New Zealand
1998 Alley Performed in an opera directed by Chen Shi Zen (NY), International Arts Festival, Starte Opera House, Wellington
           Jack Choreographed quartet for Isadora’s Tribe, Soundings Te Papa, Wellington
           Alchemy Performer for choreographer Merenia Gray, BATS theatre, Wellington
           He Was Borne Improvised solo created for Fungraiser, James Cabaret, Wellington
           Bananas in Pyjamas Performed as B1 on national tour, produced by ABC
           Slinky Malinky Performer for choreographer Paul Jenden, Circa Theatre, Wellington
           Dragon in a Wagon Performer for choreographer Paul Jenden, Maidment Theatre, Auckland
           Hound Dog Fashion Show Choreographer and performer, Wellington
1997 Loaded Solo choreography, performed as part of THROW, Downstage, Wellington
           Breathe Improvised duet with Guy Ryan for fundraiser, Escape, Wellington
           No Sun No Rain Performer for choreographer Lisa Densem (Berlin), 1st Fl;oor Underground, Wellington
           Midnight Mass Performer for Gareth Farr, Devotion Festival, Wellington
           Hound Dog Fashion Show Performer for choreographer Guy Ryan
1996 Divine Proportions Performer for choreographer Jenny McArthur, City Gallery. Wellington
           Avery Ford Car Ballet Performer for choreographer Susan Jordan, Civic Square, Wellington
           Foil Performer and choreographer as part of Sugar Rush, Taki Rua theatre, Wellington
           Hairy Maclairy Performer for choreographer Paul Jenden, State Opera House, Wellington
           There is a Time Performer for Jose Limone work restaged by Louis Solino, State Opera House, Wellington
  1995 Thug Choreographer and performer, Illot Concert Chamber & as part of Up Your Sleeve 1, Taki      Rua Theatre, Wellington
            Thugs Choreographer and performer in a duet in collaboration w/ composer Phil Brownlee, BATS theatre, The Adam Concert Chamber, and as part of Up Your Sleeve 2, Wellington
            Beheading the Teddy Collaboration with members of Victoria University’s drama and dept, The Adam Concert Chamber
            Dragon in a Wagon Performer for choreographer Paul Jenden, Napier Municipal Theatre, State Opera House, Wellington
1994 Decoys Choreographer and performer for ensemble piece, Galaxy Theatre, Auckland
          Sleeper Choreographer and solo performer in collaboration w/composer Norma Skipp, Galaxy Theatre, Auckland, Taki Rua, Wellington
          Salve Performer for choreographer Michael Parmenter, Galaxy Theatre, Auckland
          Untitled Performer for choreographer Alison East
1993 Weave Performer for choreographer Charles Koroneho, Galaxy Theatre, Auckland
          One of Three Choreographer and performer in a trio, Galaxy Theatre, Auckland
1992 Skies Choreographer for a quartet, Auckland Town Hall, Auckland
          Dancelab Performer for a collective directed by Jan McLeod, Danceworks, Auckland
1990 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony Performer for choreographers Mary Jane O’Reilly and Bridget Te Whiti, Mt Smart. Auckland
1988 Romeo and Juliet Extra for Royal New Zealand Ballet, St James Theatre, Auckland
          Romeo and Juliet Extra for the Australian Ballet, Aotea Centre, Auckland

2010   Masters Degree in Creative and Performing Arts (Hons) University of Auckland
2008   Post Graduate Diploma Dance Studies, University of Auckland
1996   National Certificate of Dance Performance, The New Zealand School of Dance (Wellington)
1994   National Diploma of Contemporary Dance, The Performing Arts School - UNITEC (Auckland)

2000 Proximity Magazine (Australia)
          DANZ Magazine (New Zealand)
2003 Contact Quarterly  (USA)
2007 Dance Europe (London)
2010 DANZ Magazine (New Zealand)

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