Thursday, July 08, 2010

On developing a cough

What makes a good dancer? I think there's a cluster of attributes that are not necessarily all skills, some are attributes.

Personally what I go for are dancers with high technical skills and low self esteem, dancers who care more about the choreography than the money (so low pay or none at all). And will tend to want to do anything that I ask them to do in the name of dance or the art form and will make the (my) work look good which is ultimately the outcome. So basically a kind of subservience laced with interesting stage presence.

I have a tendency to work with very good looking people from other countries as it 'spices' up the work, A strong classical ballet training is actually essential even though I am constantly departing from it in the name of contemporary innovation, but any dancer who doesn't have it is just dreaming! Of course its best if the classically based dancers have one or two other minor secondary skills such as being expertly competent and /or brilliant at singing, acting, acro balance / acrobatics / tissue / aerial work, contact improvisation, at least 4 name brand contemporary dance techniques (such as Cunningham, Cage, or Babooshka), Salsa or any other generic Latino type partnered dancing (Zumba for example), hip hop, breaking, krumping and hip hop, typing and administration skills, some stage managing and production / marketing experience, and of course an interest in 'other' art forms such as painting or dancing.

But mostly I look for a positive attitude and someone who is not racist. I hate racists.

Hope this helps

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