Wednesday, August 26, 2009

extract from "Relational Aesthetics"

"An overwhelming majority of critics and philosophers are reluctant to come to grips with contemporary practices. So these remain essentially unreadable, as their originality and their relevance cannot be perceived by analysing them on the basis of problems either solved or unresolved by previous generations. The oh-so painful fact has to be accepted that certain issues are no longer being raised, and it is, by extension, important to identify those that are being raised these days by artists. What are the real challenges of contemporary art? What are its links with society, history, and culture? The critics primary task is to recreate the complex set of problems that arise in a particular period or age, and take a close look at the various answers given. Too often, people are happy drawing up an inventory of yesterdays concerns, the better to lament the fact of not getting any answers. But the very first question, as far as these new approaches are concerned, obviously has to do with the material form of these works. How are these apparently elusive works to be decoded, be they process related (italics authors) or behavioural by ceasing to take shelter behind the sixties art history?" (p.7.)
Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics, 2002

Monday, August 24, 2009

An Improvisational Performance Using Improvisational Performance to Examine Improvisational Performance

At the final stages of a 2 year process of master's research, Kristian Larsen presents a 45 minute solo performance of new dance, and new text. More than just a bunch of dancing around Larsen breaks open the husk of good old post modernity and points at things! Ironic! Pointy! Fun for the whole family!

Where: Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland St, Auck CBD When: September 11, 12. 8:30 pm. Entry by Koha (in the truest sense of the word)


Things that Move Me Created and performed by Oliver Connew - NZ Fringe - BEOP Studios , Mt Eden, Auckland - 2017 Dear Olive...