Friday, May 15, 2009

Artist / Autist

Aspergers - more common in adult males
  • Average or above average intelligence
  • Inability to think in abstract ways
  • Difficulties in empathising with others
  • Problems with understanding another person's point of view
  • Hampered conversational ability
  • Problems with controlling feelings such as anger, depression and anxiety
  • Adherence to routines and schedules, and stress if expected routine is disrupted
  • Inability to manage appropriate social conduct
  • Specialised fields of interest or hobbies.
Also as part of the autism spectrum

  • Superior pitch perception and other musical abilities
  • Better at noticing details in patterns
  • Better visual acuity
  • Less likely to be fooled by optical illusions
  • Solve many puzzles at a much faster rate
  • Less likely to have false memories of particular kinds
Superior desire and talent for assembling and ordering information. Especially when they are given appropriate access to opportunities and materials, autistics live the ideal of self-education, often to an extreme.
Autistics also have, to varying degrees, strong or even extreme abilities to memorize, perform operations with codes and ciphers, perform calculations in their head, or excel in many other specialized cognitive tasks. The savants, while they are outliers, also reflect cognitive strengths found in autistics more generally. A recent investigation found, with conservative methods, that about one-third of autistics may have exceptional skills or savantlike abilities.


Things that Move Me Created and performed by Oliver Connew - NZ Fringe - BEOP Studios , Mt Eden, Auckland - 2017 Dear Olive...