Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Five Corrosions

Poisons in the practice of making dance. These things perpetuate dissatisfaction and hostility. These things prevent us from slaking our thirst. These things play together to create the conditions for obsolescence.
Solipsism Self involved, self absorbed, self protecting, self aggrandizing one dimensional approach to making. The inability to flex with other points of view. The refusal to truly reapproach.
Melancholia Humourlessness, bleakness, public self flagellation. The tragic that fails to be universal. Angst and catharsis without the maturity of design. The hard done by attitude amongst the elders. Spirit of celebration buried under the weight of self consciousness in performance.
Disingenuousness Dishonesty in ones art, desires, actions, perspectives, communications and relationships.
Dilettantishness Inadequate skill and historical information, an ahistorical approach to the form. Absence of reverence. Premature birthing of works. Confusions of the post modern with the conservative. Superficial investigations.The prolific amateur.undermines diversity with earnestness and cliche'. A position of anti skill based on shallow misunderstanding of the No Manifesto and a futile engagement with a search for originality.
Lovelessness A profound absence of generosity and a debilitating culture of hyper criticism. Withholding. Ubiquitous lack - commonly its in the work, its in the performances, its in the audiences, its in the foyer conversations, its on the net, its in the body.


Things that Move Me Created and performed by Oliver Connew - NZ Fringe - BEOP Studios , Mt Eden, Auckland - 2017 Dear Olive...