Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Settlement project Wellington 08

above image by Kate Baker, the rest by Hans

Settlement was created and performed by: Amber Stephens, Anuschka Von Oppen, Andrew Rutherford, Alyx Duncan, Callum Strong, Cathy Livermore, Claire Hughes, Claire O' Neil, Crystal Scia Scia, Elle Loui August, Francis Christeller, Hadleigh Walker, Hans Van den Broeck, Joshua Rutter, Juliet Shelley, Kerryn McMurdo, Kristian Larsen, Maria Dabrowska, Megan Adams, Merenia Gray, Rose Beauchamp, Sophia Elisabeth, Tessa Martin, Zahra Killeen-Chance, and Sarah Knox.

This work was re-created in 2 weeks with a local group of professional performers from different ages/ origins/ backgrounds. We constructed a temporary village/ settlement with found and collected materials. 'The Print Factory' a disused industrial space was chosen as a site that honestly evoked a gritty roughness. The creation process took place in that environment.

"Built from improvisations, the works of SOIT revolve and turn around ideas in very ‘real’ ways, giving the audience a sense of watching it unfold for the very first time. Life imitating life from tragedy to celebration, Hans Van Den Broeck’s studies in psychology and film brings characters of subtle complaint towards their own breaking points." from press release


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