Thursday, November 27, 2008

Favourite Things 2008

Guy and Malia's wedding..seriously the best social event of the year and the nicest time I have ever had with a large group people from the dance community. The MAU Forum, including Lemi's latest version of The Tempest. At the end of that piece, I looked at Sean and said "That was GOOD." Performing at Melbourne's Dancehouse with a group of fantastic artists "You Are Not Alone You are Just In New Zealand". Put together by the tireless Malia Johnstone. Performing in Settlement in good ol Wellington..gotta love that dust Claire O'Neill's MTYLand performed by Footnote, seriously contemporary, seriously about fucking time! The Trial directed by Stephen Bain, with exemplary design by Andrew Foster and a deeply cool collaborative cast of interdisciplinary performers. Kraftwerk at the Auckland Town Hall. Flawless Will stay with me for a long time (Thanks for the ticket and the company Paul McLaney). Robot Chickens Star Wars Episodes. I havent fully grown up yet. The Article that Summed It All Up (Kay S. Hymowitz) Collaborating with Simon Ellis (a very smart man) on improvisation, online. Hofesh Schecter..I just like what he's doing. Peter Ralston's Cheng Hsin workshop in Auckland Santeri Ojala, aka StSanders and his virtuosic overdubbing. I know he made this stuff a couple of years ago but whatever, I laughed in 08. Personal Thanks and Awards ‘High End Conversations’ award (s)…Sean Curham, Larry Lavender, Alys Longley, Brenton Surgenor, Natalie Medlock, Helaina Keeley, Cat Gwynne, Simon Ellis, Chris Jannides (keep on plugging CJ)

‘Ass Kicker of the Year’ award…Lemi Ponifasio

‘Hospitality & Generosity’ awards…Guy Ryan, Ali East, Malia Johnstone, Allen Roberts, Sian Tucker (keep those social cogs oiled!), Raewyn Whyte and Derek Tearne

‘Damn Fine Flatmate’ award…Charlotte 90

‘Dedicated - Hard Working - You’ll Go Far - etc’ award…Jess Quaid

‘Nice Work Dude’ award…Josh Rutter

"Take Your Place Among Them' award...Sarah Foster

The ‘I Like Where You’re Going with This’ award…Dave Hall

‘Damn Fine Human Being’ award…Drew MacMillan

Special Thankses for keeping me going …Vitamin S peeps, me folks out West, Douglas Wright (for addressing it directly and getting what was going on), Geordan Wilcox, David Zeitner Smith, Ash, teaching opportunities with Touch Compass and 101 stuff at Uni, Ralph Buck, Nick Rowe, Camille Boyte (for understanding), Matt Smith, Claire O'Neill, Jenny Macarthur

...and in the end when the fire burns out, you're left with whatever it is that you're left with.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Online Collaboration

Simon Ellis and I have set a new blog in motion here. The new blog is focussed on practices of improvisation. Take a look, contribute, etc.


Things that Move Me Created and performed by Oliver Connew - NZ Fringe - BEOP Studios , Mt Eden, Auckland - 2017 Dear Olive...