Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mau Forum / School of Turbulence 2

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Celine Sumic said...

I am meditating on Kristian Larsen’s body, delivered from the darkness by a filament of light. A simmering form, ebbing in and out of the field of vision, he is conjuring a course. He is crossing your threshold and sliding back the door, to gently, very articulately, smash into your space.
Playing on the musicality of the body, Kristian Larsen has tuned himself to contain every inflection of evidence of the humane. He resonates with a convicted questioning of self and a sense of the conviction(s) inflicted upon him, as he now turns, captured in a downdraft of the Mau maelstrom, to present his own permutation on the theme of Turbulence.
An aerial swim of precise positional detail, The Self Explanatory Human moves with the grace of a radio broadcast defrosting your Sunday evening. In a series of contained and frenzied friezes, framed by glitches of what seems like radio static-in-motion, Larsen sparks, an embodiment of dance script meets ether technology made flesh. The comprehension of his own humanity, and his ability to carry the detail of this knowledge in his improvised body, makes for a disturbed and disarming rationale with which he marks the stage space.
Broad investigation into contemporary dance, together with the discipline of staged and rehearsed choreography and the practice of capoeira, have provided the platform on which Larsen now draws in order to manifest his current work in intuitive and improvised movement. As an example of acute listening, The Self-Explanatory Human provides the audience with a critical view of an individual intersected with the shifting nuances of light as it unfolds upon Larsen’s body in an urgent calligraphic tide.

The Self-Explanatory Human at Turbulence II, Mau Forum 14 March 2008. Review by Celine Sumic.


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